That’s me. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Los Angeles, currently in Geneva by way of Boston and Tokyo. I can be found weekdays in the office, weeknights at home, and weekends at hiking trails, movie theaters, and festivals and random events all around and outside of town and country. Aspiring creative person, perpetually and at heart.

As for the page, it’s the latest incarnation of a blog that began in December 2002. Over the years, this blog has taken the form of a Xanga (pretty emo teenager stuff), a Tumblr (strictly about movies), and a previous WordPress (largely chronicling road trips and gambling adventures).

This latest endeavor corresponds with the beginnings of my life as a real adult, at the tender age of 29. I am currently 35 (and counting). It contains thoughts about life, love, relationships, sports, movies, and everything else that makes up my reality, with sporadic stories and travelogues. Hope you enjoy it.