A Sunday

Telling a drunk story entails risk. For those who weren’t there, who weren’t involved, the recounting is never as enjoyable. Their appreciation – if it is to be found – derives not only from the merits of the story , but from how the story plays off their knowledge of the storyteller. Yet, even with […]

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Blood and Water

What is it about family that can be so frustrating, difficult, even infuriating? My mom sometimes reminiscences about how patient, how obedient, how “good” I used to be, wonders what changed. I tell her it’s because I’m not a child. I have thoughts and beliefs of my own, draw upon experiences and knowledge that I […]

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My Schwarzenegger Saga

The context I was all of eight years old when my cousin, quite irresponsibly, took me to see Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It was one of the first theatrical experiences I can recall, and still one of the most indelible. The movie remains my favorite of all time. The action is breathtaking, the effects spellbinding. […]

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Of Crushes and Loves

(1983-2015) She was pretty and smart. And she had a unique name that I still remember. We were in first grade. But my friend declared his own crush for her first. So I kept quiet. It didn’t matter much in the end. I moved and changed schools after less than a year. Funny enough, I […]

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Checking In

It had been nearly 24 hours since I left home. Tokyo to Dubai, Dubai to Warsaw, Warsaw to Krakow, with long layovers in between. But I had arrived. And according to my Google Maps printout, the final stretch to my airbnb was pretty straightforward: a 40-minute bus ride to the heart of town, and then […]

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Jesus Fucking Christ

I heard the unmistakable sound of give from the icy rocks. Shoes, crampons, and all – the guy’s grip was gone. He was skidding down the snowy ridge by the time I turned. It was maybe a 40 degree incline, thereabouts. I watched in horror for what seemed like forever. He slid 10-12 meters, his […]

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