24: Live Another Day

The action genre has a shorter lifespan than most. There’s a reason why Tobey Maguire didn’t make the fourth Spider-Man, why Shia LaBeouf wasn’t in the fourth Transformers, why Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley were hazy memories by the fourth Pirates. At a certain point, the familiar becomes mundane. Even the most venerable franchises prove […]

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I was one of the few people who enjoyed Battle: Los Angeles, and one of the few who didn’t think much of Cloverfield. Setting aside their respective merits and faults, however, I appreciated the central conceit that drove both science-fiction thrillers. Battle: Los Angeles focused on a single squadron – introducing us to its members and […]

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MacBook and Me

And now, a break from our regularly scheduled emo session… Until the last two weeks, I had never owned anything other than a PC. The idea of paying more than a thousand dollars for a computer seemed galling, especially coming from a lower-middle class background. PCs were cheap, customizable, and the norm. I had desktops […]

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To the Bitter End

Umbrella in hand, I left the warm confines of my hotel. The rain poured; the wind howled – harbingers of the typhoon that was scheduled to hit Nagasaki the next day.* I was not unaware of the impending threat, but given an entire evening still left to kill, decided I could withstand the preview of […]

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Loneliness and Japan

The natives are kind. That’s not the issue. Sure, it helps that I’ve been willing to initiate. And that they see me as a curiosity of sorts, someone who – as a non-Japanese Asian-American – looks like them but isn’t one of them. Whatever the rationale, I’ve been able to strike up countless conversations with […]

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In Search of a Moment

I traded in my 21-speed mountain bike last July. It was the first bike I could truly call my own. I had bought it brand new, broken it in, worn it out to the point of broken pedals. I even cleaned it regularly, though that started only after being admonished by the bike shop guy. […]

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