Let It Burn

The world is dysfunction. I walk through the park – the Centennial Olympic Park, no less – and there are more homeless here than there are visitors. City workers set up for an unspecified event, a marathon from the looks of it. Tourists, myself included, snap shots of nearby statues, plaques, landscapes – landscapes decorated with […]

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Lines on the Résumé

Up until six months ago, I had never experienced what one would call a normal work environment. On the contrary. As a kid, I would help my mom and aunts in their various endeavors – child labor laws succumbing decisively to familial bonds and Asian cultural norms. On weekends and holidays, I’d occasionally wake up […]

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The Grind

Week 3 (of 104). The curtains I picked are adept at blocking out natural light in the Land of the Rising Sun. But the alarm goes off, and I wake up about two hours earlier than I would prefer. I shower, dress, grab my bento, and head out the door. There’s a black minivan around […]

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Writing It Off

I’ve never been a great writer. This is not false modesty, as a quick read-through of this blog will demonstrate. My prose is fairly unimaginative. My vocabulary is limited, especially given my level of educational attainment. I have a tendency to ramble, to fall into familiar traps, to rely on certain crutches (the list of […]

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