A Sunday

Telling a drunk story entails risk. For those who weren’t there, who weren’t involved, the recounting is never as enjoyable. Their appreciation – if it is to be found – derives not only from the merits of the story , but from how the story plays off their knowledge of the storyteller. Yet, even with […]

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A Case for Baseball

A lot of people don’t give a shit about sports. Somehow, I’m friends with some of them, related to a few even. “A bunch of millionaires throwing a ball around,” they say dismissively. Worse, they point out the prima donnas are often egged on by crowds of drunken assholes who throw objects at one another, stab […]

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The Last Boy

I was 13 when Mickey Mantle passed away. I still remember the moment vividly. I heard the news in bed, under the covers, clutching a radio that was tuned into the local sports station. This had become a routine for me, a product of my teenage insomnia combined with a budding love for all things […]

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In Defense of Mike Trout

Miguel Cabrera had a fine season. A great season, really – even a historical one. But he wasn’t the American League’s Most Valuable Player in 2012. That was Mike Trout. There are two broad lines of argument people can draw from in rationalizing an MVP choice (a regular-season award): team success and individual achievement. Let’s […]

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