I’m Kind of a Fucking Mess

It’s about a girl, of course. Maybe it’s about girls in general. Everyone always says that a girl doesn’t solve everything, that a relationship will never be a Band-Aid for all of life’s ills. They stress that you have to be right first, be in a position where you’re okay with yourself, okay with being […]

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Winter’s Tale

For the first 28 years of my life, the idea of seasons was completely foreign to me. I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Southern California. It was 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit year round, just as the stereotypes would have you believe. I wore sweaters and jackets when it dipped into the low 60s […]

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Boston Strong

I recently concluded a two-year stay in Boston. I don’t wish to idealize my experience, but it’s hard for me to consider the city with much objectivity. It marked an important period in my life, and I accomplished a fair amount, personally and professionally. Of course, it is also impossible to overlook what the city […]

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Surviving Nemo, Part II

Previously, Part I Being my first real snowstorm, I decided to hike around a bit, if only to see Boston in its purest form. I figured I’d at least walk the mile plus to the Allston neighborhood that bordered my own. A ton of college students live in that area, and there’s even a semblance […]

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Surviving Nemo, Part I

I moved to Boston in September of 2011. “Enjoy the winter,” people would say upon hearing of my plans, barely suppressing their glee. I had spent just about my entire life in Southern California. They could smell blood in the water. “Better get some boots.” “Hope you have an electric blanket.” It all sounded so […]

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