Revisiting the Doctorate

When I first floated the idea of going to graduate school, I was a third year in college, visiting one of my teaching assistants at his office hours. His office was literally the size of a broom closet, and he had to pull chairs out into the corridor for us to have space to chat. I […]

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The Worst Roommate I Ever Had

I like to say that the only good roommate is a non-existent one. Actually, I prefer to say a dead one, but that’s too dark, and besides, was already the basis for a forgettable Mark-Paul Gosselaar movie. But even in the best case scenario, roommates exist. And their existence means less space for you and […]

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Worst Years of My Life

Most people regard their college years with some degree of fondness, holding onto them with unique reverence. They’re the formative years of adulthood, after all. In the abstract, the same basic platitude applied to my experience. Those four years definitively shaped me. But that’s in the abstract. My choice of university boiled down to its […]

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