Of Crushes and Loves

(1983-2015) She was pretty and smart. And she had a unique name that I still remember. We were in first grade. But my friend declared his own crush for her first. So I kept quiet. It didn’t matter much in the end. I moved and changed schools after less than a year. Funny enough, I […]

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I’m Kind of a Fucking Mess

It’s about a girl, of course. Maybe it’s about girls in general. Everyone always says that a girl doesn’t solve everything, that a relationship will never be a Band-Aid for all of life’s ills. They stress that you have to be right first, be in a position where you’re okay with yourself, okay with being […]

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Online Games

Written in November 2012. A couple of months ago, I decided to create a profile on an online dating site. I had actually spent a few fruitless weeks on the same service years back. That time, I had messaged perhaps a dozen girls, most selected – admittedly – solely on the basis of their physical […]

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