Left Unsaid

There are some things left unsaid. They have to be. There’s a quote that high school seniors love to use in their yearbooks, that high school graduates have taken to using in their inspirational memes. “Dance like nobody’s watching, love like you’ve never been hurt, sing like no one’s listening, and live like it’s heaven on […]

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Let It Burn

The world is dysfunction. I walk through the park – the Centennial Olympic Park, no less – and there are more homeless here than there are visitors. City workers set up for an unspecified event, a marathon from the looks of it. Tourists, myself included, snap shots of nearby statues, plaques, landscapes – landscapes decorated with […]

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Passions, Redux

A friendly soul. I don’t usually speak with seatmates on flights. But immediately, I can tell this guy has a good heart, that his travel companion too has a kind demeanor. So we chat, in the natural way that is generally reserved for people who are not me. He’s a teacher, he says modestly, even […]

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When I Grow Up

If I knew what I wanted to do with my life, I’d be doing it, I tell myself. If I had an inkling, I wouldn’t have majored in the social sciences, I wouldn’t have thought of graduate school as a safety net, and I certainly wouldn’t have continued on simply because I had already invested […]

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On Selfishness

There’s a great quote from Ally McBeal, the long-defunct David E. Kelley FOX dramedy, that I can embarrassingly recite by memory to this day.  “Ally, what makes your problems so much bigger than everybody else’s?” “They’re mine.” The words are almost snarled by Calista Flockhart. She’s the eponymous protagonist, the character that catapulted her into […]

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Loneliness and Japan

The natives are kind. That’s not the issue. Sure, it helps that I’ve been willing to initiate. And that they see me as a curiosity of sorts, someone who – as a non-Japanese Asian-American – looks like them but isn’t one of them. Whatever the rationale, I’ve been able to strike up countless conversations with […]

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