Facebook, Revisited

Three years later, I am back on Facebook. It’s strange, bittersweet even, to see how much people I once considered friends have changed. Children appear that I knew only as infants. Children exist when they previously didn’t altogether. There are altered physical appearances, jobs, locations: some entirely out of left field. My return exacerbates the […]

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My Favorite People in the World

Prologue When I had a Facebook account, I would relish designating favorite items on my profile. I had a warped vision of friends and acquaintances (even strangers!) being fascinated by my choices. I would expose them to the inner recesses of my mind, which they would appreciate all the more, while doing them the favor […]

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The Thin Blue Line

Like just everyone else, I had a Facebook account for god knows how long. For most of that time, I was supremely active on it. I would post funny videos, offer cute quips, share personal pictures. As I wasn’t one of those people who added literally everyone I had ever talked to in my life, […]

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Personal, Not Private

Part I: Silence About a week ago, there was a news story about two Massachusetts women who had recently made a trip to Arlington National Cemetery. In front of a sign that read “Silence and Respect,” one – Lindsey Stone – had posed with an open mouth (pantomiming yelling), and with an extended middle finger. […]

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