My Schwarzenegger Saga

The context I was all of eight years old when my cousin, quite irresponsibly, took me to see Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It was one of the first theatrical experiences I can recall, and still one of the most indelible. The movie remains my favorite of all time. The action is breathtaking, the effects spellbinding. […]

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A Case for Baseball

A lot of people don’t give a shit about sports. Somehow, I’m friends with some of them, related to a few even. “A┬ábunch of millionaires throwing a ball around,” they say dismissively. Worse, they point out the prima donnas are often egged on by crowds of drunken assholes who throw objects at one another, stab […]

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A Fan Without a Team

I was 12 years old when Los Angeles lost both of its professional football teams. In the same 1995 off-season, the Rams moved to St. Louis, while the Raiders returned to Oakland. Neither had been particularly successful for a fair amount of time. The Rams, playing in the dump that was the pre-renovated Anaheim Stadium, […]

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