I’m Kind of a Fucking Mess

It’s about a girl, of course. Maybe it’s about girls in general. Everyone always says that a girl doesn’t solve everything, that a relationship will never be a Band-Aid for all of life’s ills. They stress that you have to be right first, be in a position where you’re okay with yourself, okay with being […]

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Loneliness and Japan

The natives are kind. That’s not the issue. Sure, it helps that I’ve been willing to initiate. And that they see me as a curiosity of sorts, someone who – as a non-Japanese Asian-American – looks like them but isn’t one of them. Whatever the rationale, I’ve been able to strike up countless conversations with […]

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The Way I Am

I am and have always been a rather self-reliant individual. I derive a strange sort of pride about this aspect of myself. While by no means a social hermit, I am comfortable being by my lonesome to a degree that few people are. I am not immune to social norms, of course, nor to feelings […]

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Worst Years of My Life

Most people regard their college years with some degree of fondness, holding onto them with unique reverence. They’re the formative years of adulthood, after all. In the abstract, the same basic platitude applied to my experience. Those four years definitively shaped me. But that’s in the abstract. My choice of university boiled down to its […]

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