When I completed my dissertation in 2013, I felt a genuine sense of accomplishment. I was proud of what it represented – not just the work I had put in, but the period of my life it captured. But it never felt like my magnum opus. I felt adamant that it was not. The subject […]

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The Lies I Tell Myself

A Facebook acquaintance of mine recently left her job to start her own business. It’s a wine pairing thing. She’s hosted events, posted videos, started a membership club. It’s neat to watch from afar, someone I don’t know very well – to watch her try to build something out of nothing. She posts about every […]

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The Story of My Life

I wrote a screenplay once. I felt compelled. For starters, writing is one of the few things I both enjoy doing and seem to do fairly well – insofar that it has gotten me through my academic career and at my current professional standing. I’ve blogged for nearly two decades (…a staggering fact), on and […]

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Passions, Redux

A friendly soul. I don’t usually speak with seatmates on flights. But immediately, I can tell this guy has a good heart, that his travel companion too has a kind demeanor. So we chat, in the natural way that is generally reserved for people who are not me. He’s a teacher, he says modestly, even […]

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When I Grow Up

If I knew what I wanted to do with my life, I’d be doing it, I tell myself. If I had an inkling, I wouldn’t have majored in the social sciences, I wouldn’t have thought of graduate school as a safety net, and I certainly wouldn’t have continued on simply because I had already invested […]

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