The Lies I Tell Myself

A Facebook acquaintance of mine recently left her job to start her own business. It’s a wine pairing thing. She’s hosted events, posted videos, started a membership club. It’s neat to watch from afar, someone I don’t know very well – to watch her try to build something out of nothing. She posts about every […]

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The Limits of Rationality

A Misunderstanding When I was living in Tokyo, I once tried to purchase tickets for a sumo wrestling tournament at my neighborhood 7-Eleven.* The ticket machine was only in Japanese, and I ended up requesting the assistance of a young female employee who happened to speak a bit of English – a find nothing short […]

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Man in the Mirror

A few years ago when I was living in Boston, my friend Jim and I ran into a mutual acquaintance on the train. Neither of us particularly liked this guy. He was the stereotype of an Ivy Leaguer: too confident in his own intelligence, too eager to let the world know. As we ran in […]

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The Other Side of 30

The physical symptoms are obvious. My back is more sensitive. My legs get sore. My balding exists – persists. I have to be more vigilant: about my sleep position, about not overexerting myself physically, about avoiding a room full of mirrors. My body needs more attention than ever before, and for the first time in […]

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She’s Just Not That Into Me

I’m the Ginnifer Goodwin character in He’s Just Not That Into You. Yes, Gigi is a cliché-ridden, ridiculously lovelorn, sad sack of a character in a second-rate romantic-comedy, derived from one of those forgettable relationship advice books that – rife with sexist (if not misogynistic) undercurrents – reduces the entire spectrum of human experience into […]

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